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Where to buy?  That's the question.  It's best to call around and get some quotes.  Don't be fooled by a clever website, so a good salesman.  It's best to get four or five quotes before making your purchase.  When interviewing a salesman check to see if:

1. He pressures you to purchase a more expensive projector than you originally were looking for.

2.  If he mentions the price of replacement lamps and bulbs.

3.  If he/she offers an education discount (for education institutions).

4.  If he/she is knowledgeable of the differences of XGA vs. SVGA or LCD vs. DLP.  They may simply be pushing the projector that makes them the most money.

5. Check the shipping/tax price.  It's best to ask for the FINAL price.  If the reseller is in your state then you will have to pay the extra sales tax.

The ProComputing corporation has good prices, but does not have the convenience of a fancy website.  You must call them for a price.  They do seem to have the best prices for EPSON and Sanyo products.

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